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Standard Automatic $105$105$79$79
Full Size Sedan$130$130$99$99
Standard SUV$130$130$99$99
Intermediate SUV$145$145$119$119
7 Seater-SUV$179$179$119$119

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Summerside Car Rental

From Our Family to Yours

Thank You For Choosing Summerside Car Rental!

Summerside Car Rental is a small, local car rental business that welcomes you to PEI’s beautiful community and nature. We are proud to own and operate this business as a family that moved to the island three years ago from Turkey.

We are delighted to be providing our services to the islanders that welcomed us warmly and visitors who wish to explore the beauties of PEI. Your safety and comfort are our priority, and we do our best to make your experience in PEI memorable.

We want to give our most sincere thanks to you for choosing us and trusting our services.

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Summerside Car Rental Questions

Looking for additional information about car rentals in PEI or how our process here at Summerside Car Rental works? You can call, text, email, or visit us for more information, but first be sure to check out our FAQs below!

We're here if you need assistance!

We're here to help! If you run into any issues with your reservation or with the rental itself, give us a call and we'll make it right!

Yes! You have as many kilometers as you need to tour the island from east to west and north to south!

Our only restriction is that we ask that the vehicles not be taken off the island. (They may not cross the Confederation Bridge or travel on ferries.) Despite this rule, if the clients drive out of the province, they accept to use their own insurance and agree to be responsible for any accidents or technical issues out of PEI. The company is responsible for the island and company insurance only covers in PEI.

Yes, all of our rentals come with built-in liability insurance for peace of mind.

If you have your collision insurance or if you want to take the whole responsibility for the vehicle you rent, you don't have to buy collision insurance.

Note that, if you want to get collision insurance, it is an extra, per-day charge.

Our service counter is conveniently located in Credit Union Place in Summerside.  

Vehicles are both picked up and dropped off to the Credit Union Place parking lot. 

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Summerside Car Rental Policies

Please note the policies below, which apply to all vehicle rentals at Summerside Car Rentals.

Driver's License Requirements

Everyone who rents a vehicle, as well as any additional drivers, must provide proof of a valid, authentic, government-issued driver’s license (Class 7/5 or higher) issued from their country of residence.

A temporary copy of a valid driver’s license or permit is also acceptable, with supporting ID, when the original license has expired or been lost. The renter’s driver’s license must remain valid for the duration of the rental period.

Acceptable Licences

Unnaceptable Licenses

Collision Insurance

Collision Insurance coverage is applicable to most car accidents, and it provides coverage for vehicle repairs, or replacement of your vehicle if it is a write-off.

While renting with Summerside Car Rental, you can buy collision insurance (with a $2000 deductible clause) for your rental vehicles. Either by using your own auto insurance coverage or by paying an additional fee for collision insurance you can be under collision coverage along with your rental. 

This additional fee is not included in the base rental cost, as many customers have their own auto insurance.

Renters who wish to use their own auto insurance must provide valid documentation of their insurance coverage prior to rental.

Please let us know if you have any concerns about that, we will be pleased to clarify.

Liability Insurance

Your Liability Insurance covers the cost of damage to other vehicles and property damaged in the accident.

Additional Drivers

The fee for Spouse / Additional Driver is $10.00 per day.

Payment Details

We require a major credit card to secure all car rental bookings. (You will be asked for this after submitting your reservation request, no credit card is needed to submit a request.)

One day of your rental will be charged as a non-refundable deposit. You will receive the receipt of your non-refundable deposit with the final confirmation e-mail.

Credit Union Place in Summerside PEI

Summerside, PEI Car Rentals

Conveniently Located in Credit Union Place

Walk in the main entrance of the Credit Union Place in Summerside, and you'll see our counter straight ahead! Drop by and talk to us in person, send us a message, or give us a call!

Questions or comments?

We are your local Summerside car rental agency! Call, text, or email us, or if you're in town, drop by the Summerside Credit Union Place to chat!